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NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 1901 – The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) establishes standards by which tools mounted in certain situations on a vehicle need to be secured. In an apparatus accident, portable equipment not properly mounted can cause destruction, injury and possible death. NFPA 1901 standards, Chapter 5 Miscellaneous Equipment indicate which tools must be carried on an apparatus and that they must be secured in a bracket fastened to the apparatus.

NFPA 1901 standards, Chapter 14 Driving and Crew Areas section – Equipment Mounting state: All equipment not required to be used during an emergency response, with the exception of SCBA units, shall not be mounted in a driving or crew area unless it is contained in a fully enclosed and latched compartment capable of containing the contents when a 9 G force is applied in the longitudinal axis of the vehicle or a 3 G force is applied in any other direction, or the equipment is mounted in a bracket (s) that can contain the equipment when the equipment is subjected to those same forces.

To ensure that PAC products comply with the standards, rigorous testing was performed by an independent testing laboratory. The tested PAC equipment mounts met and exceeded the NFPA 1901 9G force requirements. See the certified compliant products for this standard below.

PAC provides tool mounting brackets for this equipment allowing compliance with the NFPA 1901 standards. Sections of NFPA 1901, Automotive Fire Apparatus, Copyright ©2016, are reproduced with permission from the National Fire Protection Association. This reprinted material is not the complete and official position of the NFPA on the referenced subject, which is represented only by the standard in its entirety

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Approved products are shown below:

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