Our Team

Dick Young – Founder

Jim Everett – President

Greg Young – Vice President

Mike McGuire – Sales & Technical Support: Fire / Military / Law Enforcement

Tom Trzepacz – Technical Support / Training – Fire / Law Enforcement / Towing / Utility / Other

Dean Mayhew – South & Western US Customer Support

Jim Gonzalez – Engineering Manager

Barb Kozurkiewicz – Accounting Manager

Dawn Aldinger – Administrative Assistant / Accounts receivable

Tammy Trzepacz – Fire & International Sales

Jerry Enser – Shop Supervisor

Christina Ziolkowski – Order Processing

Kris Young –  Marketing / Sales Representative

Shop Staff:
Eric Adolf
Marissa Enser
Diane Lehnis
Paul Seagrave
Jonathon Koslicki
Gino Snyder
Kim Smith
Robyn D’Amico


PAC Founder/Owner: Dick Young, Vice President: Greg Young, President: Jim Everett

We take pride in being your first choice for proper, safe, and efficient tool mounting. Our commitment to the team approach includes YOU!

Performance Advantage Company gives you…

  • Security
    NFPA 1901 Compliant Products.
  • Organization
    Proper and flexible tool placement and mounting.
  • Accessibility
    Having the right tool immediately availablecan save lives when seconds count.
  • Reliability
    Proven dependable service for years in busy fire departments internationally as well as many military installations.

Remember, your satisfaction with PAC and our products is our number one priority!

Sales Staff – Left to Right – Dean Mayhew, Greg Young, Tammy Trzepacz, Tom Trzepacz, Mike McGuire