Training Information

PAC is committed to the concept of educating all our customers to the benefits of the complete line of PAC tool mounting products. Whether it’s the proper planning for tool and equipment layouts in a vehicle, or a detailed description of the design and materials benefit of each mount in the PAC line. The staff at PAC are eager to answer your questions.

As part of our training approach, we have available a series of descriptive Power Point presentations, miscellaneous brochures, a soon to be updated corporate DVD and full product catalog, and a committed staff to help educate your sales group or truck committee. When available, we can even arrange for a first-hand training presentation. Lastly, PAC participates in numerous trade shows around the country each year. For a complete and up to date listing of shows that we will be attending this year, please refer to our “2010 Show Schedule” under the “What You Need To Know” heading.

Training in the Classroom

The PAC Classroom was created to display and demonstrate the installation, function, and versatility of PAC brackets. Either in person or through private video conferencing with a PAC representative, customers can experience the advantages of using PAC products.

It can be difficult to explain how all of our tools and mounting solutions work simply through writing and photos. This is why it can be very beneficial for your company to have a private video conference with our team to dive deep into the specific applications and uses of our custom tool boards, equipment mounts, and all of our other innovative tool storage solutions.

PAC offers one-on-one training to assist with your tool mounting needs. We can schedule a personal visit to our site or PAC can host a live virtual meeting over the web! PAC web conferences can simultaneously connect 20+ parties from around the world.

PAC tool mounting solutions offer:

  • Tools and equipment properly secured and organized
  • Brackets certified to meet or exceed NFPA 1901-9G impact standards
  • Products certified to meet Military Grade “B” Shock Standards in excess of 150G’s
  • Immediate accessibility to the tools of your trade
  • Lifetime warranty on all PAC products
  • Total solutions available: from single components & kits to full “drop-in” assemblies!
  • 3D and 2D Layout services available
  • Worldwide acceptance

For additional information on our training program options, please contact:

Tom Trzepacz
PAC Training Specialist
[email protected]

(888) 514-0083 Toll Free
(716) 683-7413 Local Number