A Message From Our Founder

Our Team 19What is a FIRE TRUCK? Many years ago it was a truck with a fire pump, a water tank, a load of fire hose and some fire ladders. Today a FIRE TRUCK is not only all of the above but also a TOOL BOX on wheels.

We have all witnessed the effects of earthquakes in China, Haiti and Chile. Not only did the fire departments have to fight fires but also were responsible for recovery efforts. Clearly they needed special tools and equipment.

Whether it is an ice rescue, a mangled auto wreck or a plane crash, it is the FIRE DEPARTMENT that is the first responder and for that, they need special tools. So, a FIRE TRUCK is many things more than just a way to pump water on a fire.

The 2009 edition of NFPA 1901 has set the standards for FIRE APPARATUS SPECIFICATION recognizing the ever increasing need for FIRE TRUCKS to carry more and more specialized tools and equipment. In that edition you will find Major changes such as revised equipment requirements for each type of apparatus plus new rules for vehicle stability and maximum top speed for heavier fire apparatus.

Our TEAM at PAC knows how important it is to furnish the FIRE SERVICE with our best efforts and friendly, helpful caring efforts. Our total business is dedicated to TOOL and EQUIPMENT MOUNTING SYSTEMS. We would welcome an opportunity to assist you in any way we can.

(Dr. Dick)