Adjustable Mounts & More

Performance Advantage Company provides products to the fire, police and military industries. We manufacture high quality tool mounts, tool storage, mounting kits and hanger brackets as some of the products for these industries. Our products include (but are not limited to) adjustable mounts, flex mounts, custom tool boards, flex mounts, locking tool holders, hanger brackets, equipment mounts, positive locking brackets, universal hangers, friction locking brackets, tool hangers and universal mounts.

The Best Solution for Tool Storage: Custom Tool Boards

Whether you are a first responder or are in the military, you know the importance of a quick response to any emergency. When the clock is ticking and lives are on the line, you don’t have to time to be rooting through a tool chest or tearing apart a supply closet to find the tools you need. You need tool storage that allows you to quickly access the tools you need when you need them most.

Our custom tool boards are the solution. With adjustable mounts and mounting kits, it’s easy to create a place for everything. The adjustable mounts make it simple for you to intelligently plan your tool layout. Put the tools and supplies you use most in easy reach. Create separate spaces for each member of your team, so you aren’t tripping over each other in an emergency. The opportunities for organization are endless and endlessly customizable.

An Extensive Inventory of Customizable Mounting Kits

Performance Advantage Company has the supplies you need to keep your tools organized. In addition to custom tool boards, we have a wide range of adjustable mounts and mounting kits. We offer positive and friction locking brackets, hangers and hooks, tool-specific brackets, bracket kits, cylinder mates and carts, and much more.

We invite you to learn more about our inventory and our array of solutions. Look through the links below for a fuller explanation of the many products we provide. If you have additional questions or concerns, please call us today for more information.