Military Testing

Grade B Shock Testing

Performance Advantage Company ensures that its tool mount brackets not only perform as they are described in our literature, but more importantly, as they need to out in the field. The NFPA establishes standards by which tools mounted in certain situations on a vehicle need to be secured to avoid accident and injury. NFPA 1901 addresses these standards by determining that tools in these situations need to be capable of withstanding a 9G impact. PAC brackets have been independently tested to show that they exceed this standard by a 2 to 1 safety margin. We offer brackets from positive locking brackets and friction locking brackets to hanger brackets.

While the Fire and Rescue Industry is the primary focus of development and use with the PAC line, recent years has seen the introduction of PAC brackets into the military. Military standards are far in excess of those established through the NFPA. Recent independent lab testing of PAC brackets for the military proved the performance level of PAC brackets, even beyond our expectations. Through testing performed in association with established military contractors, PAC products were put to the ultimate shock test. Through a series of nine individual shock tests ranging from 100G to in excess of 150 g-force, PAC’s tool mounting systems met the challenge. Whether it is axes, pry bars or nozzles, the brackets put through the testing sequence passed in each tool mounting application. Imagine, powerful g-force over 150G being exerted on an object, with an expectation of successful performance in keeping those tools secured. We can confidently say that we know of no other tool mounting company in the Fire and Rescue Industry that can make that claim. PAC positive locking brackets, friction locking brackets and hanger brackets; simple, durable, ready for immediate access and strong enough to perform under the most extreme conditions. And we have the testing results to prove it.

Video: Military Testing on PAC Brackets

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