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PAC will be at the…

  • Teex Spanish School (July 7)
  • Teex Industrial School (July 14)
  • Teex Municpal School (July 20-21)
  • FRI (August 7-10)
  • NTOA (August 18-23)
  • South Atlantic Fire Rescue (August 23-24)
  • Old Forge Fire School (September 12-14)
  • Greenwood Open House (September 20)
  • Mid West Regional Tow Show (September 26-30)

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PAC Staff

Product Updates

  • NEW – Tie Down Mount Kit (P/N K3021). This general purpose mounting bracket is great for securing large items!
  • NEW: Wedge Mount (P/N 1048-1 and 1048-2) – Two styles! This bracket is designed to support and mount poles and long handled tools when paired with other PAC brackets.
  • The Ironslok-HD (P/N K5003-HD) holds large axes, including the PIG AXE and FIRE MAUL!
  • Coming Soon: Newly designed Hooklok! Improved base allowing more versatility for mounting.
  • Coming Soon: Mini Lok – Friction locking bracket perfect for flashlights, rods, cords, small hand tools. Works great with PAC strut!

Price Changes

  • Please Note: If you are not aware of the price changes that went into effect on June 1, 2019, please contact us!

Dealer News

  • Thank You Atlantic Emergency Solutions! We appreciate the invitation to be a part of your sales meeting and sharing space in your trade show booths. PAC looks forward to increasing our product line with Atlantic Emergency Solutions!
  • Did you know we have other industry catalogs? Contact PAC for more information on Law Enforcement, Military, Utility, Towing & Racing, and Landscaping! Also contact us for our Product Guide to give away at trade shows!
  • NEW – Media Kit available! Request our media kit to develop your own catalogs, literature, displays, and other marketing materials. Our media kit contains up-to-date images, data sheets and information for all of our products.
  • Tool Boards are now sold as complete kits. Ask about our Tool Board Guide!
  • Demo Tool Boards and samples are available. Display on your office wall or take to a customer site. Contact PAC for our Demo Equipment Catalog.
  • Please include your email on your PO so we can follow up with your order. We are now sending tracking information out via email.


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