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2nd – 3rd Quarter 2020 Newsletter

Company News

Regarding Coronavirus and the impact to PAC:

Following the lead of NYS officials & in adherence to CDC guidelines – PAC is returning to 100% on-site workforce June 8th, 2020. 

As an “Essential Business” PAC never stopped critical functions.  Our talented production, purchasing and engineering teams kept up with a surprisingly heavy demand –  even with more work-from-home and social distancing, too.  Thankfully, our team and their families have not been affected by the virus.  Our hearts go out to those affected by this illness or the lockdowns.

Recent news stories have mentioned shortages of raw materials, food supplies and even automobiles.  With our healthy, US-based manufacturing PAC is not experiencing any shortage or backorders at this time.  We are grateful that PAC uses only Domestic suppliers. 100% of PAC designed components (aluminum extrusions and molded brackets) are American made and are sourced throughout the Northeast.

Finally, our industry-leading shipping speed, that had been slightly relaxed due to social distancing, is returning to our standard fast shipping!  We appreciate your understanding over the last 2 ½ months as our staff, working in smaller groups, did an amazing job serving the customers.  We are excited to return to full capacity in all PAC departments!

One final note – The PAC headquarters is continuing a policy of NO VISITORS at this time. Showroom visitation and walk-in orders will not be accepted. Send all purchase orders to [email protected].

Our customer service staff IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE by phone or email. Stay healthy and God Bless!

Thank you for your support of PAC products!

Product Updates

  • NEW – Mini Loks (P/N 1101 and 1102) Sold in pairs! Friction locking bracket perfect for flashlights, rods, cords, small hand tools. Works great with PAC strut!

  • NEW – Mini Hook (P/N 1110) Sold in pairs!
    Perfect for hanging small bags and accessories.

  • NEW – Strut Mount Kit (P/N K1022)
    Provides a secure mounting system to hold most struts.

  • NEW – Black PAC Strut

Contact us for Data Sheets on all of our products!


Dealer News

  • Contact us for a new catalog! Demo Tool Board Catalogs available too! 
  • PAC’s Media Kit is available with up-to-date images, data sheets and information for all of our products.
  • Welcome To Our Newest Dealers! 
    Fire: 411 Fire Equip, FTEVT LLC, Rapid Action Gear & Equip Co., Quad County Fire Equip 
    Law Enforcement: Bushido Tactical LLC 
    Military: C.E. Thurston & Son Inc
    Towing: Star Equip Sales 
    Utility: Lesslie Welding, Northern Safety Co. Inc.
  • Please include your email on your PO so we can follow up with your order. Tracking information sent via email.