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Vertical Slide-Out Toolboard Upgrade – Technical Bulletin

Vertical Slide-Out Toolboard Upgrade

Handlelok (P/N 1004)

As of November, 2020, our Vertical Slide-Out Toolboards will be getting an innovative heavy-duty upgrade.

P.A.C. has developed a new standard for heavy-duty slide-out toolboards. Our new tandem slide system delivers heavy-duty
performance and low cost without sacrificing quality. 

We doubled-up the slides at the base in a unique weight-distributing design that gives powerful stability and control for heavy loads. 

The new slide base is made from heavy-duty aluminum.

While all other dimensions will remain the same, the base footprint will be 1-1/4” wider, increasing from 3-5/8” to 4-7/8” wide.

Vertical Slide-Out Toolboard Upgrade

The new design will perform the same functions, but with improved capacity, tracking and stability.

Note: The original version will continue to be available for the next year as we make a full transition. For details, visit us online or contact a P.A.C. Representative.