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Technical Bulletin Product Update

**Product Update**

We have improved our popular Hookmount bracket (P/N 1029). The older version (shown above) will no longer be available as of June, 2020. The new, revised model will come with four (4) equidistant mounting holes, rather than three (3), giving it four-direction mounting versatility.

The new bracket’s chemical and physical properties are identical (same material).

• The new inside geometry of the “hook” portion is identical – and the lower section “bend” of the new Hookmount flares toward the base an extra 3/16” for added strength and stability.

• The four mounting holes are equidistant at 1-7/8” for easy, versatile mounting on all PAC toolboard extrusions.

The bracket is designed to perform the same functions – but, with improved mounting versatility via. additional mounting holes.

Hookmount Bracket
Hookmount Bracket

What is Improved
• The mounting height dimension will change from 3-1/2″ tall to 2-5/8″.
• The mounting width dimension will change from 2″ wide to 2-5/8″.
• There will be a total of four (4) mounting holes.
• The base mounting holes can accommodate #10-24 as well as 1/4″ dia. screws.


If you have any questions about this revision, please give us a call.