Cylinder Mate – 16 Pack Cart – CM6000-16

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The Cylinder Mate Mobile Storage Units are assembled from individual Cylinder Mates. Standard units of 12 & 16 are available. Mobile units allow air cylinders to be moved or relocated easily for transfer or filling.

  • Heavy duty pneumatic wheels with locks on front wheels
  • Up to 300lb capacity
  • 2 Pull handles for easy control
  • P/N CM6000-16 (30-45 min cylinders)
  • P/N CM6060-16 (60 min cylinders)
  • Empty cylinders can be safely stored and removed when installed backwards with new design


List Price: $2,336.95

Product Number

  • CM6000-16


  • 200 lbs. (CM6000-12)

Wheel Diameter

  • 8″



  • 24.5” L x 32” W x 45” H


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