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Message to our Dealers and Distributors

Update 6/5/2020

Regarding Coronavirus and the impact to PAC:

To All PAC Dealers, Distributors and Customers ‐

Thank you for your support of PAC products! Our staff is here to support first responders and our partner during these difficult times.

PAC is rooted in the U.S. fire industry, but our users span several additional industries in over 30 countries. We have several new products and new catalogs for the fire industry as well as the other markets. PAC is very excited for the future!

To date in 2021, our domestic suppliers have become affected by two main challenges: labor and material shortages. This is affecting PAC & all industries across the nation. PAC continues to monitor lead times and quality of our finished products, as well as timely production schedules.

We see continued strong demand ahead – the need for new trucks isn’t going away! We anticipate a strong finish to 2021 and we continue to increase stock for these upcoming orders. If you or your customers have concerns on availability, please call us. As of this writing, few product shortages exist!

As a result of these challenges, all manufacturers are facing elevated costs. Entering the fourth quarter, PAC is projecting some targeted price increases in 2022. More information to come.

As the trade show schedule continues to open up, we’re looking forward to seeing all our customers as accessibility continues to develop.

Greg Young
VP, Performance Advantage Co.