Update 3/25/2020

Regarding Coronavirus and NYS “100% work from home” mandate:

Our President, Jim Everett, has evaluated the requirements surrounding our status as an “Essential Business”. He is currently in the process of planning a restart to our production and shipping departments. This will be on a limited basis as described below.

PAC must prioritize orders and shipments during this uncertain time. We are not sure what effect will be seen to our (currently healthy) stock of raw materials, packaging, pallets, etc. Additionally, outside of PAC, we are not sure how the common shipping companies will be impacted. So it is obvious that lead-times will be longer than what you’ve come to expect from PAC during this crisis. Given the circumstances, we will do our best!

At PAC, we use only Domestic suppliers. 100% of PAC designed components (aluminum extrusions and molded brackets) are American made and are sourced throughout the Northeast. As you might be aware, the Northeast is just starting to head into exponential growth of the virus. Unfortunately the next few weeks will begin to demonstrate the damaging effects of the virus; to our area and to the areas of our key supply chain as well.

To summarize, PAC is beginning to look at beginning to restart limited shipping soon. PAC production staff will not be at 100%. This will cause longer lead times to assembly, packaging and handling. Expect lead times on shipments to be longer than our usual industry-leading speed. PAC has not yet faced material shortages – but expect that PAC will face some shortages or backorders in the months to come.

One final note – The PAC headquarters is not allowing visitors at this time. Showroom visitation and walk-in orders will not be accepted. Send all purchase orders to orders@pactoolmounts.com.

We hope that this virus will disappear soon, allowing PAC and our key suppliers to come back fully on line. Our customer service staff IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE by phone or email. Stay healthy and God Bless!


Thank you for your support of PAC products!

Greg Young
VP, Performance Advantage Co.