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2021 2nd Quarter Newsletter

Company News

PAC Sticks To Their Values During These Uncertain Times:

Our customers require urgency – an apparatus out of service, risks lives. That is why PAC recognizes our entire staff and our US based manufacturing! Working together as a team, they ensure an uninterrupted supply while continuing to innovate tool mounting solutions for you!

Our industry-leading shipping speed continues to set PAC apart from the competition. We always carry stock of our brackets and tool boards. Most orders ship within 24 hours!

Throughout the pandemic, PAC never stopped critical functions. You can trust PAC to be there for your team in 2021 and beyond! Send all purchase orders to [email protected]. Remeber, our customer service staff IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE by phone or email. Thank you for your support of PAC products!

Finally, our hearts go out to those affected by this illness and its hardships. Stay healthy and God Bless!

Product Updates

  • NEW / IMPROVED Slide Outs – See back for more details! 
  • NEW – Spanner/Hydrant Wrench Mount (P/N K5016)
    Secures spanner and hydrant wrenches in a compact space.
  • NEW – Shelf Mount (P/N PSM)
    Provides a rest for mounting heavy rescue tool pockets and other support and locating brackets/
  • NEW / IMPROVED – Universal Mount (P/N 1007-3)
    Coming in January 2021 with 3 holes!

Contact us for Data Sheets on all of our products!


Dealer News

  • 2021 Catalogs available now! (Next revision coming mid May!) Demo Tool Board catalogs available too!
  • PAC’s Media Kit is available with up-to-date images, data sheets and information for all of our products.
  • Welcome To Our Newest Dealers!
    Fire: Advanced Fleet Service, Aest Safety, Conway Shield, EJ Boughton, Ewers Technology D/B/A Fire Programs, Fire Equipment Service, Genuine Parts Company Store, Hofer Fire Stuff LLC, Red Power Diesel Service Inc, TS Rescue
    Military: Jokell-Reinstating Dealership
    Towing: Concours Automotive, West Coast Frame & Collision Repair Inc
    Utility: Aztec Machine & Repair Inc, Demar Welding, Klein Equipment Services, Kuhlman Lake Service & Welding Inc, Levan Machine & Truck Equipment, Mounts.com
  • Please specify the desired strap color on your PO or note strap color in the comments section!