Company News

  • PAC will be at the NAFECO Dealer Meeting – Alabama (January 11 & 12) 
    FDSOA Symposium – Scottsdale, AZ (January 15-19)
    Winter Utah Fire Chiefs – St. George, UT (January 17-19)
    Fire Rescue East – Daytona Beach, FL (January 17-21)
    FAMA Spring Meeting – Coronado Island, CA (February 20-24)
    Pierce Dealer Meeting – Appleton, WI (January 25)
    Wildland Urban Interface Conference – Reno, NV (February 27 & 28)
    SWEVT Conference – Fort Worth, TX (March 19-23)
  • Starting in 2018, Tammy Trzepacz will join the Customer Service team in addition to her lead position in Order Processing.
  • On October 17, 2017 Performance Advantage Company was proud to host Vice President Mike Pence for a round table discussion on tax reform. PAC founder Dick Young and President Jim Everett had the honor of sitting at the round table with other local business owners to discuss the proposed tax reform. After the round table concluded, Vice President Pence toured the Greater Lancaster Museum of Firefighting, before heading back to the White House.

President Mike Pence Visits PAC

Product Updates

  • PAC 1003 Toolok has been discontinued. See “New Products” for our NEW Toolok-HD.

  • The Ironslok-HD (P/N K5003-HD) holds large axes, including the Pig AXe and fire MAUL!


Price Changes

  • PAC is proud to have been able to hold prices for six years while still offering a full warranty. Prices as of March 2017
    are still in effect with no forseen increases. Contact PAC for the latest price list containing our newest products.
  • Get 15% off PAC 1080 Soft Mount and K5080 Soft Mount Kit.
  • Get 10% off PAC 1010 8lb Sledge Hanger Pocket and K5010 8lb Sledge Hanger Pocket Kit.

Dealer News

  • New – Media Kit available! Request our media kit to develop your own catalogs, literature, displays, and other marketing materials. Our media kit contains up-to-date images, data sheets and information for all of our products.
  • Tool Boards are now being sold as kits. Ask about our Tool Board Guide!
  • Demo Tool Boards and samples are available. Display on your office wall or take to a customer site. Contact PAC for our Demo Equipment Catalog.
  • Our new Product Guide is available for Dealers and trade show giveaways. Return your completed Dealer Update Form if you have not done so.

Tool board shown in demo-TB3 Call for info/Pricing