Tool mounting solutions for industry

Customized Tool Boards


PAC offers several customizable tool board options for accessibility and space saving. Swing out tool boards, horizontal and vertical tool boards and drawer modules are designed to maximize mounting space and make tools and equipment accessible.


All tool boards utilize PAC’s proprietary aluminum extrusions which provide simple, flexible mounting of all PAC tool mounting brackets.

PAC tool boards are custom made to suit your application and requirements. Simply provide compartment dimensions to our technical sales staff and PAC will determine the amount of material necessary.

See detailed description of products below.

custom tool boards, adjustable mounts, tool storage
Universal Hangers
Equipment Mounts | Swing Out Tool Board
Swing Out Tool Board
Tool Mounts | Slide Out Tool Boards
Slide Out Tool Board
Tool Hangers | Secure Storage Drawer Slide Out
Secure Store Drawer Slide Out

We also have these other customized tool boards as well: