Tool Hanger – P/N 1009

Tool Hangers

Tool Hanger – P/N 1009

Tools left on the ground in your workspace can be a tripping hazard waiting to happen. It’s important to have your tools in a safe place that’s out of harm’s way from yourself, other coworkers, or guests to your space. Don’t take the risk of leaving your tools on the ground for people to trip over, walk on, or injure themselves any longer.

Performance Advantage Company offers tool hangers that are easy to use and hang on walls in any part of your workspace or garage that needs more organization. This durable tool hanging product is perfect for hanging shovels, brooms, and other T-shaped equipment. It also makes room for other storage and equipment in your workspace!

Product Description

The Tool Hanger is designed to be a simple hanger bracket for shovels, brooms, and many other T- shaped equipment. Tool Hangers work best with Handlelok brackets included in the Tool Hanger Kit P/N K5009.

• Molded from high-quality materials.
• Easy to use.
• Weather, UV resistant.
• Non-conductive.
• Standard & PAC TRAC mounting hardware included.






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